Freezer Cooking

storing meat

Keeping Meats Safe During Storing and Thawing

With the temperatures changing, it brings up food safety in my mind. I know many people will be rolling that grill out and quite a few don't pay attention to food when it's out. Decades of working in the food industry have some things ingrained in my … [Read More...]

Meal Planning

beer can chicken

Beer Can Chicken on the Grill

We haven't made this recipe for ages. Ever since getting a Ronco Rotisserie for a gift, the old beer can chicken went by the wayside lol While we are in grill everything mode, I'm bringing this … [Read More...]

grilled potatoes

Grill Baked Potatoes

We've had days on end of sunshine here in Seattle. Considering we had 3 times the amount of rain we usually get, in just the first few days of March, it's a huge change. Spring in Seattle means no … [Read More...]