Freezer Cooking

storing meat

Keeping Meats Safe During Storing and Thawing

With the temperatures changing, it brings up food safety in my mind. I know many people will be rolling that grill out and quite a few don't pay attention to food when it's out. Decades of working in the food industry have some things ingrained in my … [Read More...]

Meal Planning

simple pickle recipe

Get to Canning

It is full blown canning season. In fact many are probably weeks in. I know with our amazing summer everything has been ready weeks ahead of schedule. If you are new to canning or just looking for … [Read More...]

easy bbq rub

Barbecue Rubs Made Easy

Any mixture of ground spices used for seasoning raw food can be classified as a “rub”. This mixture is usually applied heavily to meats which creates a flavored coating. Rubs can be used in a variety … [Read More...]

taco casserole

Taco Casserole

This dish freezes really well. It only takes 20 minutes to bake it, so even in the summer it won't heat your house up. Love to serve it with lettuce shreds, diced onion and tomatoes on top. Top it … [Read More...]