Freezer Cooking

mini chicken pot pie

Mini Chicken Pot Pie

I'm a huge fan of repurposing food. Cook once and then create 2 or more meals. This meal is going to use up leftover chicken and root vegetables. Leftover root vegetables would be carrots, potatoes, turnips, things that grow in the ground like … [Read More...]

Meal Planning

easy bbq rub

Barbecue Rubs Made Easy

Any mixture of ground spices used for seasoning raw food can be classified as a “rub”. This mixture is usually applied heavily to meats which creates a flavored coating. Rubs can be used in a variety … [Read More...]


Staples of a Healthy Pantry

While many of us stock up our pantry in case of an emergency, very few of us think about stocking up a healthy food pantry. Sometimes food that is bought for the sole purpose of storing in a pantry … [Read More...]

Easy Cheesy Meat Loaf

Print Easy Cheesy Meat Loaf Surprise your cheese lovers with this easy meat loaf. This recipe makes two loaves so one can be frozen for another time if you have a small family. … [Read More...]