Freezer Cooking

mini chicken pot pie

Mini Chicken Pot Pie

I'm a huge fan of repurposing food. Cook once and then create 2 or more meals. This meal is going to use up leftover chicken and root vegetables. Leftover root vegetables would be carrots, potatoes, turnips, things that grow in the ground like … [Read More...]

storing meat

Keeping Meats Safe During Storing and Thawing

With the temperatures getting warmer out there, it brings up food safety in my mind. I know many people will be rolling that grill out and quite a few don't pay attention to food when it's out. Decades of working in the food industry have some things … [Read More...]

foodie goals

Foodie Plans for 2014

2013 saw a lot better posting here at the site. I shared some of my favorite recipes of 2013 with you on Monday. Even though I was sharing and writing more, I didn't feel there was a real goal that happened and honestly looking back I feel like I … [Read More...]

Meal Planning

grillled shrimp

Delicious Grilled Appetizers

By Ann Martin Enjoy some delicious appetizers without being stuck in the kitchen! With the summer weather quickly approaching, those that have barbecue grills are rejoicing at the fact that they … [Read More...]

Asian Marinated Gilled Salmon

Asian Marinated Grilled Salmon

This recipe is a tried and true one for us. It's a really basic recipe that you can change up just a little. For instance, if I don't have shallots, I just use green onions. You can also substitute … [Read More...]