Best Cooking Apps for Your Smartphone

I absolutely love to bake and cook in the kitchen. There is nothing quite as satisfying to me as making a home cooked meal or dessert from scratch for my family. I learned this great tradition from my Dad as he is a great baker and I am passing down the love to my daughter.

My earliest memories of baking involve pulling out the recipe box, finding the right food-stained recipe card, measuring out the ingredients, mixing the dough (cookies were a favorite thing to make), and baking them in the oven.

Now cooking has gone high tech. It is just as common for my favorite recipes to be found on my computer as they are to come from a recipe box or cookbook. A computer can be a bulky item to keep in my limited counter space kitchen though. I am finding that my smartphone is becoming my kitchen helper of choice these days.

I would like to share with you what I think are the best cooking apps for your smartphone.


  • YouTube – One of the best ways to learn new cooking techniques is with a teacher showing you exactly how something is done. Taking a cooking class or having a professional chef on standby is not really an option for most people though. Watching a video on how to do something is. There are many phones such as the T-Mobile LG that come with the YouTube app already installed. This is a free app and is available for a number of smartphones.
  • Epicurious – Download this free app for your iPhone or Android phone and have a large number of recipes (30,000!) available at your fingertips. This app gives you the ability to search by ingredient which is very helpful when you have carrots, celery and chicken in your fridge and no inspiration on what to make with them. It will also create a shopping list for you based on what you want to cook. Turn your smartphone on its side to go into cookbook mode for a large horizontal format that is easy to read.
  • Dinner Spinner – This app is just plain fun. You pick the type of dish you want to make, the main ingredient, and how long you want to spend making it. Let it spin and it comes up with recipes from that match. There is a basic free app plus a pro app with more features. You can bookmark your favorite recipes plus share them with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Timer – I have the traditional timer on my oven plus an extra digital one. When I am cooking more than two things though, the built in timer on my smartphone really comes in handy. Plus if I am baking or cooking something that takes a long time, I may not be in the kitchen the whole time. The ability to take my timer with me is very helpful.


I hope that these cooking apps for your smartphone let you see new possibilities for using yours in the kitchen.


Shannon Weidemann is a freelance writer for Prepaid Reviews, a site that provides information about prepaid cell phones coupled with over 17,000 consumer reviews of 30+ service providers such as Tracfone.

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