Cold Food Ideas for a Hot Day

Cold  Foods for a Hot DayWhat do you do when you’re sick of plain sandwiches and green salads during the hot summer months? What else is there to make without heating up the kitchen and sweating all over the food you are cooking? Consider some of the following cold food ideas when you need to prepare a nutritious and delicious meal for your family.

Get your inspiration from south of the border. Flour tortillas can be used for so many different types of cuisines. Spread a savory cream cheese spread over the tortilla, add fresh from the garden vegetables, a slice of cheese or two and you have a wonderful cold roll-up the family will love.

Fresh fruit salads are another option to consider. Go to the local farmer’s market or fruit stand to purchase fruits in season. These will be juicy and full of flavor. Slice the fruit, place it in a large bowl and refrigerate until time to enjoy it.

Bean salads are something really easy to make. Whip together a three bean salad or chickpea salad to go with anything and everything on the grill.

If your family enjoys macaroni and cheese during the colder months, they’ll likely enjoy cold pasta salads during the spring and summer. There are a variety of recipes to choose from when making pasta salad or you can create one of your own using your favorite pasta, veggies, cheese and dressing. Just make sure not to overcook your pasta.

Potato salad is another great food choice when the temperatures climb. Nearly every family has a recipe that has been passed down from mother to daughter. For an extra creamy twist to your potato salad, simply add eight ounces of sour cream to the recipe. You won’t believe how delicious your potato salad will be with that one extra ingredient.

With so many veggies in season you can create amazing summer salads. Think outside the box and create something fun like cucumber salad bowls.

Purchase some pre-cooked bacon (or turkey bacon) and make BLTs. The crispiness of the bacon against the softness of the bread is a delight. Add lettuce, onions and fresh from the garden tomatoes to create a taste sensation you will surely enjoy. I always crave slices of avocado on mine.

If you haven’t tried cold summer soups, now is the perfect time! Gazpacho is a wonderful summer soup which is served cold. It is made with onion, cucumber, green pepper, garlic, wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, tomato juice and oregano leaves. Blend all of the ingredients except the tomato juice until it is smooth. Pour the mixture into a serving bowl and then add the tomato juice. Cover it for at least six hours prior to

These are but a few cold food ideas you may want to try this summer. Preparing a healthful meal doesn’t mean spending hours slaving over a hot stove. Use one of these ideas or take time to search the site for even more cold food ideas. Your family will appreciate the delicious meal and remain cool when the temperatures start to rise.

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