Freezable Side Dishes

freezer-insideSide dishes aren’t what comes to everyone’s mind when thinking of freezer cooking. But how better to get a meal on the table quickly than to have the extra’s already done?

Side dish recipes on the site:

Wild Rice Sausage Casserole

Sweet Potato and Turnip Mash

Classic Quinoa Pilaf

Kid Friendly Potato Bake

and a post from the last Cook Easy Foodie Blogger challenge with 5 freezable side dishes

In the weekly meal plans I generally stick to very basic sides so they are quick to toss together. But there are some sides added to the meal plans so you have something a little different. Spanish rice for one tends to be a must with the enchiladas around here so I have a recipe in there that you can make up a big batch of and freeze in different portions.

Do you freeze any side dishes?

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