Weekly Meal Plan

Once-a-Week Cooking Club — Weekly Meal Plan

“What’s for DINNER?”

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of that question.

The worst part is, my answer was usually “I have no idea!”

That’s when I got smart. I started spending a few hours just one day a week cooking meals and popping them in the freezer. Now, right after dinner I pull tomorrow night’s dinner from the freezer to thaw and life is good.

I realized that a little advanced planning saved me hours in the kitchen, and headaches every week.

quick and easy dinner ideas for working parentsEach week I decided what was on each night’s dinner menu, pulled my recipes, and made my shopping list. I then printed out a menu, and my family could look on the fridge to see “What’s for Dinner?”. Best of all, I didn’t even have to be there. Each meal had reheating instructions so anyone in the family easily put dinner on the table.

I told my best friend about it, and she was impressed. She thought she could never be organized enough to pull it off. That’s when the Once-a-Week Cooking Club idea hit me.  Not every Mom (or Dad) is organized or motivated enough to do the advanced planning.

With the Once-a-Week Cooking Club all you have to do is shop and cook. I’ll do all the other planning for you.

You can now sign up to have a weekly dinner menu plan, with recipes, printable shopping list and directions sent to you each week!

  • No more last minute planning
  • No more searching cookbooks for hours
  • No more last minute shopping trips and spending on unnecessary items
  • No more grabbing takeout and pizza

Here’s Exactly What You Get:

Every week you will receive an e-mail containing:

  • Detailed dinner menu for six days. (Leftovers or dinner out on day seven)
  • Recipes for all six dinners, including side dishes.
  • A detailed shopping list.
  • A printable “What’s for dinner?” list for your fridge.
  • Reheating instructions for each meal.

Cook once and eat all week!
Join Once a Week Cooking Club NOW!

One day a week here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Print the entire e-mail.
  2. Review the shopping list, crossing off anything you already have in stock.
  3. Go shopping.
  4. You don’t even need to put away the groceries. Just start cooking.
  5. Keep one meal ready, and the others go into the freezer.
  6. Clean up and put away the remaining groceries and you are done until next week.


honey lime chicken kabobsEach meal makes enough food for at least four adult portions. You can adjust the ingredients for a larger or smaller family. (Remember, teenage boys in sports should be counted as three adults each. lol)

The other benefits to the Club you may not expect:

  • You’ll Save Money — You probably spend $10 in gasoline per month just running to grab something you forgot at the store so you can finish a meal.
  • You’ll Save More Money — Those nights you just can’t get momentum to cook, you’re ordering chinese or pizza.
  • You’ll Save Time — I think this one is fairly obvious. Six meals, one day! Look at how few dishes alone you will be doing each night.
  • You Lose Weight — WHAT?! Seriously, if you’re anything like me cooking also means snacking while I’m cooking. If you only cook once a week, you’ll hopefully cut back on the snacks. Furthermore the menus have a variety, including many lower carb and lower calorie meals. Oh, and did I mention no more twice a week pizzas, there is about 600 calories alone.

… you’ll never hear “What’s for Dinner?” again!

See what one of awesome Once-a-Week Cooking Club members has to say about using the meal plans:

I cooked for the week today and let me just say THANK YOU!. I could have never come up with this all myself and I will never have to hear ” what’s for dinner” again. I actually found you on the internet because my husband was working from home yesterday and he asked me ” what’s for dinner” for the 6th time that day. I was sitting at the computer and had been so fed up with hearing it that I typed it into my browser. I guess I wanted to see other moms and wives complain so I didn’t feel alone. When I looked at your site, I was soooo happy that I found it. What an excellent idea. I will be referring other people to your site.
Ann D.

She’s not the only one, see more testimonials.

There’s no risk. If you aren’t happy with the meal plans and you don’t think they will work for your family, just send me an email. I have a 14 day money back guarantee and will gladly refund you.

Buy now and start saving time and money. Just $24.95 for the complete 24 weeks of meal plans delivered to you weekly.

 24 weekly meal plans sent to you with the shopping lists so you can hit the store running and get out quickly. Each weeks meal plan will be delivered 7 days after the last, starting on the day you sign up.

So why not get out of the kitchen and have more fun with the family each night?

Cheers and Happy Cooking!

~ Elisa